Classics, passion for the past


Quoc Lo 45, Nhu Thanh,
Thanh Hoa City
We guarantee exceptional mechanical work and highest quality of the delivered product with original frames and engines. Every scooter comes with the spare parts and a batch of matching paint. We are proud of excellent customer service all the way through the process and we safeguard your investment with after sale assistance, 12-month warranty on all new parts (24-month warranty for the scooters). We won't ever leave you stranded! Select your scooter ! Free shipping anywhere ( * For Door-to-Door delivery only) We ship to any major ports worldwide and the cost is already included in our prices *. For really remote or non-standard locations, we might have to charge a little extra but if you do not live on a tiny Island somewhere, you should be okay. You can learn more on our shipping page.

Specialisme : (classic) Car trading

Wij spreken : English

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