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CCFB (Classic Cars + Fast Beauties) 

started out of love for classic cars.

Since the beginning of the ’80s of the last century until today Victor, a real petrolhead, has been involved in classic cars.
A photographer he used to work for owned a large collection of merely Italian thoroughbreds. He had the opportunity to just choose from whatever model he preferred to drive. Hence you could find him driving Montreals (he could find 4 of them) or a rare Fiat 1500 Ghia to his photoshoot.

Those were the days. Victor drove around Amsterdam in his Fiat 600, yes, he was a daredevil!

In the pre-internet era, people had to rush to the newspaper shops to buy Saturday’s paper to look for gems like the Mercedes 190 SL or a 220S Ponton, Jaguar XK150, Porsche 356 or Alfa Romeo Montreal, not many people were interested in these cars back then…. They were underrated and surprisingly cheap.

When the internet appeared, an acquaintance of Victor claimed and turned it into a hobby-site, advertising some of his customers' classics.
Victor obtained the domain himself in 2002 and transformed the site into an advanced modern website, catering to not only classic cars but cameras, watches, LP-albums, etc. as well. evolved into a streamlined website exclusively catering for cars, bikes, and boats in 2007. In the meanwhile, we obtained many URL's in many languages.

At this moment we have advertisers from many parts of the world. The site has sections for cars, motorbikes, mopeds, boats and the site is still expanding.

Classics: Passion for the past!