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Our founder Yuwan Kant Bakhshi started this classic car journey 6 years back when he bought his first car being a Volvo 960 and refurbished it from scratch and after that went on to restore a w124 hence realized how people were absolutely drooling over a well refurbished classic, and since then built over 60 plus classics from scratch, during this journey we did realize the fact that after sales service support is what our consumers need hence we came up with some vital services like on call support by experts, diagnosis, spare parts from our UK office headed by a very senior Petrol head cum friend Mr Graham J Daniels, hence we just do not sell cars alone we sell parts also and advise on how and where to get them installed from. Apart from that we figured out the fact that classic cars is more of a hobby product than a utility product and hence people like to constantly change upgrade and also look at exchange and barter and hence we have a huge community on what's app / Facebook and Instagram that enables our customers to get access to like minded people and be a part of a community which is growing at a very rapid pace in our country. Custom classic cars India is one brand which is servicing customers and clients in every manner possible to satiate their desire to own and drive a classic in the world where cars are more like computers comprising of led lights and screens and people forget the basic essence of true blue big block machinery.

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