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1933 Rolls-Royce 20-25 Salmons 'Tickford' Cabriolet GRW52

£ 87500

Carrosserie Convertible
Meterstand miles
Brandstof Petrol
Transmissie Manual
Kleur Grey and black
Kleur interieur Green
Bekleding Leather
Stuur Rhd
Chassis nr. GRW52
A particularly fine example of the ‘Tickford’ cabriolet, a design which features a quick and easy, crank action roof mechanism, providing for one person operation. Even with the roof open, the design offers relatively draught-free, snug accommodation. Some years ago, the car belonged to Mike Berry, well known for his high quality pre-war cars, & is offered in excellent all round condition, with lovely paintwork, and very well-executed Connolly leather interior, and benefiting from an engine overhaul not so long ago. Well appointed with a superb set of lamps & horns, including P100 ‘bullseye’ headlights, PLG40 centre lamp, twin ‘Owleye’ and a lovely triangular rear lamp, etc. Twin side-mounted spare wheels, all with 'Ace' discs fitted, all correct under the bonnet, the list goes on! In addition to all of this, the car has recently been fitted with an overdrive unit, further enhancing what was already a lovely car.

Chassis No. GRW52 Reg No. XJ 5555

Snippets: Snippets: Medical Men
Harry Marland(1875/1959) was a man of great wealth, not only did he own three houses – Broomholm in Langholm; Hale Carr in Hale and Tusthall House, Tunbridge Wells but in WWII he lent the British Government part of his fortune (free) for the duration of the war! When he purchased GRW52 he initially registered the car at Hale Carr but in 1938 he amended the address to that of Rusthall House. Harry “Lucky” Marland started his working life at 12 earning 5 shillings a week by the age of 21 he had become an assistant advertising manger to a London company. By the early 1910s he had become a director of the Chemical firm E. Griffiths Hughes Ltd and in 1911 he introduced “Kruscehn Salts” to the UK & USA markets. The adverts for Kruschen Salts showed a mature gentleman sliding down a banister and it was always said this was Harry Marland! The company’s other products included Digestif Rennie & Radox Bath Salt, in 1934 the company was floated on the stock market & within 20 years the firm had over 30 subsidiaries and in 1960 they were acquired by Aspro-Nicholas Ltd. When Harry Marland died in 1959 his estate was quoted at in excess of £500,000 which today would be in the region of £10million. The 2nd owner of GRW52 was also a medicine man – Dr Guy Chandler Milner who was a 3rd generation doctor, his grandfather Ralph Milner (1818/82) was a surgeon practised on Oldfield Lane, Salford and was known as “2nd Oldfield Lane Doctor" – the 1st being Dr. E. Taylor after whom Ralph named his son Edmund T. Milner who also studied medicine and became the 3rd Oldfield Lane Doctor! During WWII Dr Guy Milner (1902/87) served on the destroyer HMS Venomous prior to becoming a specialist in Dental work and Hon. Surgeon at Addenbrooke Hospital. In 1956 Dr Milner published “Some of the answers” which consisted of his answers to patients who had consulted him. During the 1990s GRW52 was with Mike Berry & the car was used during the television series “The Thief Taker”.
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