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2004 BMW M3 GH BL32

Call for price

Carrosserie Coupe
Meterstand 160000 kms
Brandstof Petrol
Motorinhoud 3200cc
Transmissie Automatic
Kleur White
Kleur interieur Grey
Bekleding Leather and cloth
Stuur Lhd
Chassis nr. WBSBL91060JP88739
BMW M3 3.2SMGII, Price - 3,660,000¥,
Year - 2004, Engine(cc) - 3200cc, Model: GH-BL32, T/M|Gear - AT,
Chassis Number (VIN) - WBSBL91060JP88739,
Air Conditioner - AAC, Mileage - 160,000km,
Color - White, Fuel - gasoline, Car History - Private use,
Equipment's: ABS PS PW Airbag Guarantee User's manual
D seat Recaro seat, Bilstein suspension, BBS aluminum,
Brembo caliper, Arcure muffler, Ram air
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