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1937 Bentley 4¼-Litre VdP 3 position Drophead Coupe B45KU

£ 125000

Carrosserie Convertible
Meterstand miles
Brandstof Petrol
Transmissie Manual
Kleur Silver metallic
Kleur interieur Red
Bekleding Leather
Stuur Rhd
Chassis nr. B45KU

Unusually, this car was originally finished in silver, and still is, now enhanced with deep red waistline and matching leather, all in good order, and the dashboard and door cappings are finished in black lacquer. The car has benefitted hugely from major restoration work by the last two owners, including an engine overhaul (aluminium head), installation of a fully rebuilt 'MX' series overdrive gearbox, rear axle overhaul, radiator rebuild, and a great deal of other mechanical work, including to brakes and chassis generally, much of it carried out by Fiennes Restorations. A new mohair hood was fitted in 2009. Altogether, something in the region of £200,000 has been spent, all documented with detailed invoices in the fat folder that is with the car. There is too much to list here, but all of the invoices are available for inspection. As you can perhaps imagine, the car runs very well! Desirable, attractive, 'well sorted' and now representing very good value for money. Offered serviced and MoT tested until October 2023.

Chassis No. B45KU Reg No. ELF 314

Snippets: WWI Chauffeur & lover of Speed & Style – Miss Nora Hardy MacCaw
Miss Nora MacCaw (1893/1971) was a lover of both Speed & Style - her cars included a Bentley 8 Litre, several 4 ½ Ltrs, 3 Derby Bentleys and a PIII to mention a few!! Nora & her siblings were born in India and she was the youngest child of William & Eleanor MacCaw; he had qualified as a solicitor but he & his wife moved to Calcutta where he joined the firm of Kettlewell, Bullen & Co (est 1853), managing agents for jute & cotton mills, tea, railways. By 1895 William MacCaw was a partner and in 1895 he was elected President of Kettlewell & Bulen. Upon his return to the UK he became involved in politics & stood as Unionist MP for West Down. Nora’s 3 siblings were Sir Vivian (1883/1936) who in 1932 became Sheriff of Calcutta & was knighted shortly before his death; Guy (1886/1952) who during WWI learnt Russian and served with the 17th Lancers - he was awarded the Military Cross, Vera MacCaw was educated in England alongside Guy, during their educational years they stayed with Hubert Hind (Vicar of Stoke) & his family. Nora was a keen motorist and during WWI she joined the Red Cross traveller and was stationed at Salonika in Greece as a chauffeur. After the war she remained in Europe and spent her summers in Biarritz with her companion Mrs. Lillian A Jupp; Nora later became a resident of Monte Carlo and in the 1950s she owned Villa Sauber - now part of the Monaco Museum complex. By 1941 B45KU was with another keen automobilist Hermon Bradley of Bilston – his wife Eleanor Bird was a member of the Bird’s Custard family who were well known for their Yellow cars! The Bradley family firm was started by Walter Bradley with the production of frying pans and buckets, it soon evolved into kettles, cake stands, ironing boards and history has it that the company name of “Beldray” came about when Walter asked his sons Hermon & Hector to spell their surname with their wooden alphabet bricks and they got it wrong & the Beldray brand was born! Later fascinating British owners include Ronald Olaf Hambro (Banker, tragically widowed when his wife drowned in Loch Ness; Fred Parsons (printing & press), E. Deshaw (Ismay lamps), John W. S. Utley (Cotton Mills & rally driver), John S. Batchelor (Orthopaedic Surgeon & Rugby player), Dr. L. E. Ridge (3rd generation medical man).
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