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1950 Citroën Traction-Avant

$ 49000

Carrosserie Sedan
Meterstand 58302
Brandstof Petrol
Transmissie Manual
Kleur Blue
Kleur interieur Grey
Bekleding Cloth
Stuur Lhd
Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to be able to showcase the 1950, Citroen Traction Avant. This large luxury vehicle manufactured by Citroen was in production from 1934, to 1957. During its 23 years of production life, around 760,000 vehicles were produced. The Traction Avant, which translated from French, into Front Wheel Drive, was the first unibody front wheel drive vehicle to ever be produced. In the current day, a car that doesn’t have a unitary body or frame is considered strange, and differs from the norm, although at the time, automobiles had a chassis, in which the body was built on top of. A unitary frame resulted in a lighter vehicle, and after breaking through safety suspicions, the Traction Avant pioneered the way for unitary frames. Being very technologically advanced during the beginning of the vehicles era, by the end of its production life, many automobiles had followed in the steps of Citroen, and established the Citroen Traction Avant as a historical piece of automobile engineering. Known as a hardy vehicle that is built to last, in 2002, a group of more than 30 Traction Avants drove from Los Angeles, to New York during the International Citroen Car Clubs Rally, without any incident. The unit we are pleased to bring you has 58,302 km on it. This is truly the car for any classic car collector, and a lucky fund in such amazing condition.
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