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1952 BSA B33 500

$ 12500

Fuel type Petrol
Engine 350 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Black
Built between 1947 and 1960, the BSA B33 was based on the 350-cc B31, but with a larger bore bringing it up to the 500-cc class. Initially, the B33 featured a rigid frame, though in 1949, they added the option of a plunger-type rear suspension as fitted to this 1952 example. The BSA B33 was a super all-rounder, with excellent performance. It could easily cruise at 70 mph all day, and top out over 80 mph with an additional dose of courage and a twist of the wrist.

This 1952 BSA B33 is another well-preserved, authentically presented example from the Kleptz collection. It has a moderate patina and honest character, and is well suited to refurbish and enjoy as-is, or treat to a more extensive restoration.

Please note this motorcycle has received a cursory mechanical check, and while the engine is free, it has not been started during its time in the Kleptz collection. It is offered as-is, requiring additional sorting, and is sold on a bill of sale only.

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