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1961 Austin-Healey 3000-MK-II

€ 125000

Body Convertible
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 3.0L
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Yellow
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
Incredible restored and upgraded / tuned by Austria Healey guru Heinz Moser
The very best Healey 3000 we have ever seen and driven
Impressively tuned but still possible to drive comfortable
With a a rare and desirable removable hardtop
An Early Example of the Venerable 3000 Model
Restored for over € 135.000,- with the order to be the best driving example

Respected American journal Road & Track summarising their August 1959 test stating “the new Austin-Healey 3000 is… a real enthusiasts’ sports car: fun to drive, with lots of performance and good handling and braking characteristics… dollar for dollar this is still one of the top sports cars in the market.”

The Austin-Healey 3000 was built from 1959 to 1967 and is the best known of the ‘big’ Healey models.

The ‘Big Healey’ retained the essence of its curvaceous long hood/short deck progenitor, the Austin-Healey 100/4.

The car’s bodywork was made by Jensen Motors and the vehicles were assembled at the BMC Abingdon works.

The 3000 was a successful car which won its class in many European rallies during its heyday and also ran at Le Mans during that period; as such, it is still used in competition by enthusiasts today.

Introduced in March 1961, the 3000 Mk. II came with three SU carburetors and an uprated camshaft, designated the BT7 Mk. II (four-seat version) and BN7 Mk. II (two-seat version); however, upon the introduction of the BJ7 (2+2 seats) model in January 1962, the number of carburetors was reduced to two.

As a result of the introduction of the BJ7, the BN7 ceased production in March 1962, with the BT7 coming to an end in June


This beautiful 3000 Mk II was completed at the Healey works in 1961.

The car was configured as a left hand drive car.

The car was bought in Texas and was brought over to the workshop of the late Austrian Austin Healey guru Mr. Heinz Moser.

Mr. Moser was very well known because of the restoration / upgrading of Austin Healey 3000’s.

A restoration carried out by Mr. Moser was recognizable in the details as well as on the impressive upgrades. Therefore this Healey 3000 is by far the best driving example we have ever offered for sale.

The Healey was nut and bolt restored in order of a very good friend of us from Austria. A gentlemen with a very impressive car collection. Due to the amount of cars he was not able to drive the car enough and that’s the reason for selling this incredible car.

During the restoration which took place around 2010, there was chosen to make the car in yellow with a black interior with yellow piping.

The Healey is impressive restored without any compromise.

Due to the fact that the Healey has always been very well stored and maintained since the restoration, the car seems to be just finished.

The body of the Heley is beautifully restored and adjusted to the rally specification.


Cosmetically, the Healey is in a ultimate condition. The restoration has been carried out extremely well and without looking at the expenses. Therefore the restoration has cost over € 130.000,- in 2010!

The Healey has a just finished from restoration/fresh appearance. The paint is beautiful with a deep shine and without any signs of use.

The aluminium and chrome parts are in a superb condition and all the fittings of the doors, bonnet and boot are also excellent.

The car is wearing it’s race clothes with a hardtop as well as a bonnet with integrated lamps.

The bumpers have been kept off to focus more on the beautiful design of the Healey.

Amongst the 2 extra fog lamps in the bonnet, one can find another 2 lamps just under the grille. You can imagine how impressive the light is on dark moments.

Unfortunately we can’t make a nice picture but you can imagine that it is very impressive to drive this car with such an amount of light in the dark hours.


By entering the car, one is surprised by the enormous space and the comfortable seat position.

The interior of the Austin Healey is in an excellent condition. The carpets, seats, doorcards and dash don’t show any signs of wearing.

It can be easily seen that the former owner took care of her. No signs of use or damages can be found in the car.


We have had quite some Healey’s over the years because they look beautiful and they drive very well.

This car however is another cup of tea. This car drives extremely impressive.

Because of the tuned engine and 3 Weber carburetors the car is fast, really really fast.

But it’s easy to built a fast engine and we see many cars whereby the engine is well tuned but the rest of the car is forgotten. With this Healey it is clear that car is extremely well prepared overall. What a dreamcar to drive. On high speeds and with acceleration it is a unique car but certainly also when you cruise with the car and use the overdrive.

The overall handling is very easy. The shifting is easy with good synchros. The clutch takes up smoothly and the car can really be raced but also be driven on a relaxed way.

This Big Healey is a capable and enjoyable driver, offering all the thrills of a classic British roadster in a desirable specification.