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1974 Maserati Bora 4.9

€ 179500

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 4.9L
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Blue metallic
Interior Color Cognac
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
Desirable 4.9 version
Beautiful and original color combination
Unique original interior in superb condition
An impressive and iconic car to see and to drive

The Lamborghini Miura was an impressive car when it was unveiled so the competitors like Maserati had to respond with a car which should show the technical as well as optical quality of the Maserati Brand.

It was in 1971 that Maserati unveiled their mid-engine Maserati Bora.

The other Italian competitor, Ferrari had disappointed slightly because the engine of the Daytona was based at the front which took away the driving capabilities.

The Bora certainly did not disappoint because of it’s mid-engine layout and the fabulous alloy V8 which arrived from the proved Maserati 450S racecar.

Drivewise the Maserati Bora was an absolute amazing car at the time in comparison to it’s competitors.

The Maserati was available in 4.7 litre and 4.9 litre configuration and both engines were connected to a 5 speed ZF gearbox.

Due to the fact that Maserati was owned in those years by Citroën, some hydraulic functions were added to the car including a height adjustable drivers seat as well as adjustable pedals and steering column. This results in the fact that almost everybody can easily fit in a Bora.

The styling was striking and angular, with an intriguing combination of brutality and restraint, and was penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign. The rear clamshell was uniquely covered in glass and both the roof and A-pillar were covered in brushed stainless steel.

The Bora was also technically innovative. The sophisticated V8 (available in either 4.7 or 4.9 liter displacements), was backed by ZF’s excellent 5-speed transaxle. Suspension was independent all around, addressing a long-standing criticism of the Bora’s predecessor, the Ghibli, which had a live rear axle. Maserati was then under Citroen’s ownership, and their unique hydraulic braking system was included in the Bora. The hydraulic system also powered the retractable headlamps and height adjustable driver’s seat. There was a strong focus on usability and refinement in the Bora, which was a departure from the typical Italian exotic ownership experience. The luggage compartment was usefully shaped and surprisingly large, while the pedal cluster was adjustable, as was the steering column, to ensure a comfortable fit for a wider variety of drivers. The bulkhead between the engine and the passenger’s compartment was well insulated, including the fitment of double paned glass. Performance of the car was suitably exciting, with an engine output exceeding 300hp even in USA cars, and a top speed of over 170mph. During the car’s 7 year production run, fewer than 600 Boras were built, of which approximately half were 4.9 liter cars such as this example.


This Maserati Bora was built in September 1973 and was newly ordered with the desirable 4.9 litre engine. The car still is in it’s original color scheme being Blue Ischia with a Senape (mustard in Italian) interior.

The Maserati went by boat via the port of Modena towards the United States. The Maserati was first registered at the 1st. Of July 1974.

Copies of the original build sheets and factory records are on file.

In 2017 the Maserati came back to Europe via Italy and in August 2019 the former Dutch owner bought the car.

After his purchase the Maserati went straight to Italian car specialist Strada e Corsa for a full service. Invoices show a variety of work which has been done on the car.

Due to an upgrade of the collection of the former owner, the Maserati came in our hands.


What a beautiful appearance. The shape of the Bora is just fabulous.

When you take a longer look on the car you see a variety of materials which are used on the car which make the car very special.

The exterior condition of the car is very very nice.

The paint is beautiful and has a superb deep shine. Only on the left rear fender one can find a very minor scratch.

The stainless steel roof and window surroundings are beautifully polished and in a great condition.

The steel roof panel adds such a nice detail to the car’s design.

All windows and lights are in an excellent condition. The car also sits on nice condition wheels.


The exterior of the Maserati Bora is nice but the interior of the car is as unique.

The entire interior seems to be fully original and in an absolute fantastic condition.

All buttons and gauges are working perfectly even as all meters.

The hydraulic systems for the pedal box and seat are also in perfect working order.