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1948 Alfa-Romeo 6C 2500 SS cabriolet

Body Convertible
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2500 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Silver metallic
Interior Color Red
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
The 6C 2500 SS was introduced as the third series of Vittorio Jano’s inline six-cylinder Alfa Romeo's in 1938.

Car Description

The 6C 2500 was the first road going Alfa Romeo that was capable of going 160 km/h. It had four-wheel independent suspension, with parallel trailing arms and coil springs in the front. At the rear, there were swing axles with torsion bars.

The 6C mentioned in the name refers to the six cylinders of the car's straight-six engine.
The 6C 2500 was available with either one or three carburetors. The triple carburetor version was used in the top-of-the-range SS (Super Sport) version. This special car has three Weber-carburetors and is the SS version.