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1966 Porsche 912

€ 69500

Body Coupe
Odometer 4196
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Yellow
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Vinyl
Steering Lhd
VIN 458923
We have to back in time a few decades, and see a young man, with two big dreams: aircrafts and sports cars. That is maybe not suprisingly, because a lot of boys had those dreames. Both naturally appeal to young people with adventurous roots because they are not only a symbol of freedom, but above all they offer the opportunity to discover the world. An airplane maybe a bit further than a car, but both offer plenty of options. The man who has the leading role in this story, spread his wings towards America, to complete a part of his pilot training. During this training he already tried to realize his second dream: a Porsche. Interesting advertisements in car magazines were circled and then many miles traveled to view several Porsches. Which was another fun part of the hobby, and an adventure in itself. The necessary knowledge of Porsche and tecnical know how was available, so the pilot had a good time.

In the end, a very neat 912 Coupe, built in 1966, was bought. It appeared that the first owner was a police officer from Burlingame. This man had bought the Porsche from Porsche Cars Pacific in his hometown, and financed the purchase with a loan from the San Francisco Police Credit Union. All documentation on this has been preserved. It does not say much about the car, but it is very nice if there is story behind it. In probably 1993, the car was handed over to another San Francisco citizen. However, the increasingly stringent environmental requirements in California made him decide to sell the Porsche to the Dutch pilot. We are then talking about the year 1997.

Taking the Porsche with him on the plane was not an option, so container transport to the Netherlands was arranged. Once there, a normal service and the Mot inspection was sufficient to drive it for quite a few years. Until the day came when an extensive restoration was needed, and in 2018 the professionals of Autorestauratiebedrijf Raalte were asked to restore the Porsche 912. Their knowledge and craftsmanship is therefore especially evident in all bodywork and technology work. Super-sleek bodywork, beautiful doors- bonnet-, and boot lid fittings, etc. The paintwork of the original Bahama Yellow color has also been superbly done and is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful classic Porsche colors.

The technique was also completely done and the most important part, the engine, was completely overhauled by Zomer Motorentechniek from Holten

The interior has remained almost in its original condition, because it was still very neat and the owner wanted to keep it as original as possible. The mileage counter was professionally converted to kilometers, because it just drives a lot easier.

There is also an original Heritage Certificate present which shows that the Porsche has completely matching numbers. It is obvious that the entire restoration has been photographed and all invoices are present.

It is a very pleasant surprise for those who have never driven a Porsche 912 before. The car has a very nice balance and, compared to the 6-cylinder 911, it is clear that the engine weight is lighter. Incidentally, it does not even make a huge difference in power: 90 hp compared to the 110 hp 6-cylinder from the 911T. In addition, the 912 is no less than 130 kg lighter and, due to the shorter 4-cylinder engine, and therefore the total balance is better compared to a 911.

In short, it is a wonderfully driving Porsche, which has recently been very extensively and professionally restored and has only driven 4196 km since then. It has matching numbers and color, and the history is known. What more do we want ? See and experience the car in real ? That is possible of course. Feel free to make an appointment for this, and we will take care that this beautiful Porsche 912 Karmann Coupe is ready for you.