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1988 Alfa-Romeo Spider 2.0

€ 16250

Body Convertible
Odometer 108120
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.0L
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
VIN ZAR11535000008376
An Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 of the 3rd generation, year 1988. Immaculate on the outside and inside, because the beautiful convertible was recently repainted, purely for cosmetic reasons, and the perfectly seated seats have been reupholstered. The mohair soft top is also in near mint condition.

It concerns an Italian import, carried out in 1997 by the then sales manager of Alfa Romeo Netherlands. It is obvious this man only wanted the best. And indeed, from soft top to tires this Spider is completely correct. The body is rock-hard, very sleek, and has perfect panel fittings.

This Spider’s nickname was “Aerodynamics” which is more subtly you might think because the rear spoiler is painted in body color and looks now a part of it. The white color suits the convertible very well and makes it even more classic than it already is.

The 2 liter DOHC is one of the best engines that Alfa has ever built and it shows. All 126 bhp. are fully present and sound really beautiful, partly due to the double Weber carburettors. The shifting of the 5-speed gearbox is very smooth and the rear axle, equipped with a limited slip differential, has the right transmission for a good speed, while the revs are not that high. Comfort and sportiness therefore go hand in hand.

The trunk and the space behind the seats offers enough room for luggage. So you can already plan a nice tour with your love. This Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 has everything to enjoy and is a convertible pur sang. What more are you looking for than reliable and well-maintained technique, sublime driving and, last but not least: real Italian looks. An appointment is easily made to experience it yourself