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1974 Triumph TR6

NZ$ 75000

Body Convertible
Odometer 1325
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2500 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Blue
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leatherette
Steering Rhd
When describing a car, we always put a lot of thought in how to describe it.

The car that the term ‘last of the hairy-chested British sports cars' was perhaps designed for, the TR6 has been a firm favourite for over 40 years.

Triumph rocked the motoring world by announcing the first British petrol injection sports car – the TR5 P.I. Then came the TR6 P.I., bringing new style, new features and new status to fuel injection motoring. The TR6 was created for that person who knows what motoring is all about; who is mature enough to appreciate superb engineering; who is eager to accept both the thrills and the responsibilities of power motoring allied to superb roadholding. In the hands of such a person, the TR6 P.I. is one of the most responsive sports cars in the world – at any price.


1325 Miles since body off restoration in 2015.
Some cars can be described as Mint, Concours or Like New and sometimes even as “Pebble Beach Quality”. This car is not only everything shiny and in excellent condition but it is restored accurately, or as close to the way the original creator intended as possible. For this reason we struggle with how to refer to this one. We can't call it new because in actual fact its over 40 years old. We can't call it like new because its arguably better than new and if we simply describe it as concours, we've been in classic cars long enough to know how loosely the word ‘concours' is used nowadays and just because a car is referred to as concours or accepted to any concours d'elegance event, does not mean it proves that “the quality of that restoration was indeed up to international concours standards. This one, we feel is a superior TR6 to anything we've ever seen and in our opinion is one of the best in existence.
This car has had an extensive, meticolous restoration and comes with hundreds of photos showing the restoration process in detail.
This is a not just a driver's cars but a no nonsense investment for someone who knows how to live and drive in style. Every line, every curve, every angle earns its keeps in terms of better motoring.
Chassis #: CR53330 / Engine #: CR003268HE
What a magnificent piece of history - with only two owners on record and with very little miles travelled since restoration, this Triumph is arguably the most beautiful TR6 in New Zealand
Manual with Overdrive, it drives and works like a new car and would be a talking point in any collection.
The TR6 cabin experience is a snug one, particularly for six-footers, who may prefer a smaller diameter or dished steering wheel to feel more comfortable. Once you've settled in though, the controls fall readily enough to hand. The gearbox requires a firm touch, particularly when cold, but offers a change that is both positive and rewarding. Slotting home gears are a pleasure, especially when you make full use of the torque offered up by the sonorous straight-six engine – it's worth holding off the changes a little longer, better to enjoy the delicious, rasping exhaust note.
The Triumph TR6 ranks as one of the most popular British sports cars ever made. It was basically a re-skinned TR5, complete with fuel-injected, six-cylinder engine mounted to an IRS chassis. Regular coachbuilder Giovanni Michelotti was unavailable, so German firm Karmann stepped up to the plate instead, producing a sharp redesign, but still utilising the same body tub.

If you are looking ahead to the summer with open-top motoring in mind, you'd do well to consider a TR6. The bare facts make a lot of sense – superb back-up from both clubs and specialists. For the more hard-nosed buyer, a decent TR6 will make a good investment too – the rarity and desirability of the preceding TR5 has seen prices of that model skyrocket in recent years. A knock-on effect being that the TR6 is following suit as people cotton onto the fact they are pretty much the same car underneath. Prices have certainly strengthened over the last few years, and are sure to rise. Getting in now should prove a shrewd investment.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.


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