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1957 Alfa-Romeo 1900 CSS Touring

€ 205000

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 1900 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Grey
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd

Mille Miglia Eligible
Recent engine and gearbox overhaul
Complete with Certificate Di Origine and Fiva Identity Card (Code A3)
Mille Miglia participant in 2012
Fitted with Borrani wheels and desirable Nardi floor shifter
Where many people adored the pure elegance of a special bodied Alfa Romeo 6C 2500, only few were sufficiently wealthy to afford one.

Still very special but more affordable were coach built versions of the 1900. Touring, Pinin Farina (by then spelled as two distinct words), and Zagato are few of the many carrozzeria’s taking care of the 1900. Most stunning were doubtless the BAT 5, 7, and 9 – three one-offs from Bertone. What many people might not have known by that time, is the fact that this was the last chance to chose between so many different bodies. Only a few years later this “culture” of coach builders had become very limited.

Touring Superleggera of Milano designed and built most of the bodies on this chassis, such as the example we currently offer for sale.

The Superleggera body construction from Touring consists of a structure of thin tubes in the shape of the body, covered with thin alloy panels.

This resulted in a body that is both strong and lightweight.

The same construction was applied to many gorgeous models, such as the Lamborghini 350 GT and the Aston Martin DB4.

Initially, the 1900 was available with a 1.9 litre engine peaking at 70 to 100 bhp, where later a 2.0 litre engine was fitted in the short wheelbase 1900C SS versions, as we currently offer. These engines produces 115 bhp which makes the 1.000 kg car quick.


According to the Certificato di Origine this Alfa Romeo 190 CSS has been prosecuted in February 1957.

It was sold to a customer in Lugano, Switzerland.

A serious restoration has been carried out in Germany and recently the current owner rebuilt the engine and gearbox in 2015.

Pictures as well as invoices from the restoration are available.

The car has been used by the former owner for all sorts of events including the 2012 Mille Miglia and the 2016 Targa Florio.

The Alfa is complete with a FIVA Identity card and is ready to be subscribed for another Mille Miglia for example.


Today the Alfa presents very freshly. The car has a beautiful appearance.

The paint is very nice with a beautiful deep shine. One can see that the car has been carefully used. It shows here and there some small signs of use.

The chrome and polished parts such as the grille and lamps are beautifully fitting to the body. These parts are fitted straight to the body without a gasket.

The Borrani wheels are in a nice condition and fit the car very well. A colleague of us wrote once in an advert of another Alfa that the Touring emblems, coachwork badges and delicate trim are exceptional pieces of automotive jewels which we fully agree.


The interior is finished in a 2 tone (black and grey) leather. The leather is in a nice condition. One can see that the drivers seat has been used.

The doorcards and carpets are all in a nice condition. Recently the owner made new extra carpets for the Alfa with an embossed Touring Superleggera logo.

The dashboard is black painted as original and all instruments are in a perfectly working order.

The chrome parts in the interior such as the surrounding of the meters as well as the ashtray are in a very nice order.

The original Nardi steering wheel has two buttons which are both working properly. The middle part can be touched to activate the horn while the outer ring can be pushed to activate the warning light.


The engine compartment and underside of the car are in a nice, correct and fresh condition. The owner of the car is a real Alfa enthousiast and appreciates the details of the car. Therefore original badges and stickers are still shown in the engine bay.


Driving the 1900 gave a big smile on our face. It’s a typical Italian car. The car has a beautiful sound and response immediately on the gas pedal.

A benefit of this specific 1900 is the desirable 5 speed manual floorshift gearbox.

The engine runs immediately after starting and sounds very healthy.

Both the gearbox as well as the engine have been rebuilt in 2015 and since the rebuilt approximately 7.000 kilometers have been driven with the Alfa.

The Alfa 1900CSS can be used for a variety of races, rallies and tours including the Mille Miglia.

We would be delighted to have this car in our Mille Miglia team.