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1994 Bentley Brooklands

NZ$ 29990

Body Sedan
Odometer 120878
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 6750 cc
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Gold metalic
Interior Color Beige
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
Bentley is a marque associated with the utmost level of luxury, even if the archetypal Bentley was a fire-breathing, smoke-belching beast that left its well-heeled drivers' leather helmets and goggles covered in the debris of combustion and defeated rivals in its wake. Races were won. Hills were conquered. Even decades after the marque's takeover by former rival Rolls-Royce, the performance heritage of Bentley remained unquestioned.

It makes sense that the Bentley Brooklands' very name conjures up racing and endurance record heritage, referring to the first-purpose built motor racing course that didn't begin life as a horse race track. The sibling of the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur II, the Brooklands succeeded the Eight and the Mulsanne, whose moniker also refers to a straight on a racing circuit, though in France.

The Brooklands and all Bentleys carry on with racing tradition. Though the original Bentley Boys may have quite fancied danger along with a face full of exhausted long chain hydrocarbons, Bentley automobiles evolved with demands of absolute top appointments.


This Bentley is a hand-built car. Many hands and many more hours were required to build it, in much the same way that proper British automobiles were built from the outset.
The classic lines and meticulous build, puts the car solidly into the executive class, yet the performance of the sporting automobile is there.
There is no equal to a Bentley – except, perhaps, its stablemate.
This is a car that needs to be exercised and with any Bentley, you have to get one that is properly maintained. The Bentley stands as the very definition of a top British car. A car this far up in the scale of build and engineering demands a level of dedication to care and maintenance that handsomely rewards those who accept the challenge. Our advise is to buy only a good example, like this one, maintained and serviced in New Zealand mostly by Bruce Mcilroy.
Imported from Singapore, this car was first registered in New Zealand in April 2003. It is in beautiful order and everything in it works as it should.
Beautiful straight body with very nice factory paintwork. Mechanically sound and interior is stunning.
This is a car to be proud of. Its magic to drive. True that compared to today's cars, it doesn't feel like a sports car but for its day, it is quite sporting and performance oriented. When you put your foot into it, even halfway down on the accelerator, the car really moves out, and it's extremely smooth. The power line is smooth. The transmission is butter smooth. It's the seating position in the Bentley that makes it so different.

From the outside it looks like a traditional car, but when you sit in it you sit high. You have a real commanding view of the road, and there's just nothing like it. It's a nice piece of history and this is a car riding on its history.

Car will be sold WOF'd and registered if sold in New Zealand.