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1991 Alfa-Romeo SZ

€ 84900

Body Coupe
Odometer 4300
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Beige
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
The Beauty and the Beast… the Alfa Romeo SZ is both.

Never before have opinions been as divided as at the time of the unveiling of the Alfa Romeo SZ, and that was exactly the intention of Zagato and its master-designer Robert Opron. It had to be a car that evokes emotions, one that polarizes and ensures that the design continues to flow. It was not the first time that Zagato had penned down an extraordinary design for Alfa Romeo, and the popularity of the SZ made sure it wasn’t the last one either. Only 1036 SZ’s were assembled with the hand of mankind, making “Il Mostro” a rare yet welcoming sight in today's street scene.

The rarity has ensured that this car was extremely well maintained by its previous owners, so only about 4,300 km were driven with this car. The heart of this rare Zagato, the iconic and beloved Busso-V6-engine, has not been able to show much of its performance, and above all, hasn’t been able to let us all hear the absolute top sound for which it is so well know for!
An additional advantage of this low mileage is the absolute new condition of both its mechanic and interior, everything is still in the same condition as when she rolled out the Zagato factpry! Take a step inside the perfect and new-smelling leather seats, put the flawless-shifting gearbox into first gear and launch this monster effortlessly and lightning-fast in place, all accompanied by the magnificent symphony of the Busso-V6! Rarely have technology and progressive design been so well combined into a timeless and controversial result. This car was, and is rightfully a timeless icon!

This offered example includes a lot of information and accessories, such as:
- Dichiarazione di conformita or Alfa Romeo homologation document (this document makes it easy to register this Alfa Romeo in any European country)
- Certificate of conformity
- Belgian carpass
- Original Alfa Romeo etui containing the original service book, users manual, warranty- and maintenance booklet
- Original Alfa Romeo luggage set
- SZ parts catalog
- SZ Workshop manual
- 1919-1989 book zagato
- 1990-2000 book zagato