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1969 Ferrari Speciale 400i

£ 640000

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Yellow
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
VIN F101CL23457
1969 Speciale

Chassis number: F101CL23457

Registration Number: 2SXY

Coachwork: All alloy.

The 400i Speciale offered here is not a replica and it is not a re-creation, it is a fully fledged racing speciale based upon a 400i chassis & fitted with a more modern 601HP V12 Ferrari engine from a 575 Maranello along with its associated gear box.

This beautiful & fearsome car has a hand-made sports style aluminium body, widened 4 inches to fit the shortened and stiffened Ferrari 400 chassis. Powered by a 2002 575 Maranello engine / transaxle. Individual throttle bodies and a well designed exhaust manifold lifted the power to 601bhp @ 8000rpm measured on the dyno.

Since the eighties Will Tomkins and his team of passionate engineers have been building and restoring historic and special road and race cars to release their utmost potential and style

After three decades of ownership the owner has decided to allow someone else the opportunity to own this special car.

The classic oval tubed Ferrari 400 chassis frame was shortened and built into a stiffened space frame, gas welded using traditional methods.

The body is 4 inches wider then the cars of the 1960's so should not be mistaken for a GTO the extra material inserted in the wings giving the car its very distinctive and exciting appearance.

The original design incorporated the Ferrari 400 chassis, the solid bush suspension and splined hubs from a 365 GT4 and a dry sumped 365 4-cam engine with its centrally mounted five speed gear box. Exciting though this was the owner realised that he could take the car to a whole new level if he could find a way to fit the lighter and more powerful 575 engine.

Some fifteen years after its original incarnation the new engine was successfully fitted together with its six speed trans-axle. Amazingly the transplant saved 80kg and improved the weight distribution to its current 50/50 providing even better handling characteristics.

The remarkable feature of this car is that it can be used for popping to the shops or driven to the circuit where it will show a clean pair of heels to almost anyone.

The car is finished in Giallo Fly with black leatherminimalist but comfortable racing seats inside & four point racing harnesses. The car is set up for racing with all the mods one might expect of a race car.

It is difficult to comprehend the performance of this car. We have had nothing quicker other then a La Ferrari. It is ferociously fast being a true 200 MPH car. The acceleration is relentless with what ever gear is currently selected seemingly making no dent in the performance. The car is also beautifully balanced & in skilled hands on track can be effortlessly drifted though the corners.