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1967 Jaguar E-Type S1 4.2

NZ$ 285000

Carrosserie Coupe
Meterstand 79918 miles
Brandstof Petrol
Motorinhoud 4200 cc
Transmissie Manual
Kleur Red
Kleur interieur Black
Bekleding Leather
Stuur Rhd
1967 Jaguar E Type FHC Series One

The E-Type is derived from the D-Type, with influence from the XK-SS and the prototype entered by Briggs Cunningham at Le Mans in 1960.

Some alterations are technical improvements, while others have been introduced as an adaptation to series production.

In styling, no concessions have been given to current fashion, and the body is not the result of thorough wind-tunnel tests. Jaguar's chief aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer created the body shape on a purely mathematical basis and actual experience has proved the car to have a very low drag.


Matching Numbers Car - Chassis #: 1E34153 / Engine #: 7E11999-9 / Body: 4E25662 / Gearbox: EJ12761 - Heritage Certificate Available.
This car is STUNNING to look at from any angle, and the pictures here fail to do the car justice. The racing-type steering wheel, the large round instruments, the wire wheels, the bucket seats and the general low build of the car all contribute to give it a most businesslike air.
The responsiveness of the engine is eye-opening. The tach needle will rocket up to the red line and beyond with the engine showing no signs of stress in any speed range.
Engine noise is astounding - a very purposeful, comforting sound of well-­fitted parts doing their job right.
Overall Condition is Mint - body is straight and pretty much flawless. The paint is absolutely Stunning. The interior is brand new - upholstery, carpets, hood-lining, dashboard - all brand new. The engine bay is clean and beautiful. The undercarriage is MINT.
Originally a Left hand Drive, this car was imported from California. It was first registered in New Zealand in December 2018 with 77490 Miles. We are the second owners.
To say this E-Type attracts interest wherever we go with it is a gross understatement. Men and women of all age and income groups come up and ask questions: How fast will it go? How much does it cost? It is a great crowd drawer and a terrific ego booster, and if you want to get away from it all and go for that nice drive somewhere or weekend away, we can't think of a nicer car to do that in.
Heaps and heaps of servicing and maintenance records available, including Low Volume Certification / Right hand drive conversion, full restoration records with photos etc.
Would be hard to find one in better condition at this price level.
To the British motor industry, the name of Jaguar spells success: success on the most famous racing circuits in the world, and commercial success on every market where the make has been offered. What is the secret of this success? That question is probably best answered by the words of a well-known British ex-racing driver: "Jaguar may not be the best car of its class in the world, but it is incontestably the least expensive of the GOOD cars."

A decent E-type is a joy on the open road, the long bonnet encouraging you to point and floor it. A 0-60 time of only 6.9 seconds is fast even by today's standards, let alone those of the 1960s. Proves every bit as good as it looks.

When the E Type came out, it was expected to evolve and become one of the world's truly great cars from any standpoint and what a prophetic expectation that was.

A STUNNING example, that will only appreciate in value.

Car will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.


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