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1973 Alfa-Romeo Montreal

€ 59900

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.6
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Cloth
Steering Lhd
If we think of the Alfa Romeo Montreal we automatically think of Italian passion. We see ourselves on a warm summer evening driving down the historic streets of Turin, pleased by a tasty symphony of the V8-engine. The Alfa Romeo Montreal is sometimes called the ‘baby Miura’, and that’s not even strange. As we take a closer look to the design of the Montreal, we see a lot of similarities to what Marcello Gandi drew for the Lamborghini Miura, which is considered as the most beautiful car in the world.
This offered example from 1972 was first delivered on December 30 to Alfa Romeo Switzerland in Agno. Quickly this Montreal found its way to France where the owner stayed humble to his car for almost 4 decades. In 2015 this Montreal belonged to a passionated Alfisti, which we can tell by the condition this car find itself in today. This example is in top condition, both on the in- and outside as above and below and that includes a ‘Certificato Di Origine’. Under the hood lays a very well and smooth running v8-engine derived from the Alfa Romeo Tipo33 Sports Prototype, which produces 200hp at 6500RPM courtesy of its Spica mechanical fuel injection. Originally, this Montreal was delivered in ‘Arancio’ orange and was later repainted in red. This example finds itself unrestored in a wonderful top condition. The interior is fully original, as well the radio and the spare wheel. With circa 2000 examples produced this Montreal remains one of the most original ones on the market. After a whopping 31678 km’s this Italian thoroughbred found its way to our showroom.

This ‘get in and drive’ Montreal is ready to be given a new life and is now available at Rock 'N Roll Classics!