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1962 Jaguar E-Type-Low-Drag

Price on request

Carrosserie Coupe
Brandstof Petrol
Motorinhoud 3800cc
Transmissie Manual
Kleur Silver metallic
Kleur interieur Blue
Bekleding Leather
Stuur Rhd
Chassis nr. 880400
For those who want to take a step into motorsports but prefer that little extra, the Jaguar E-type Low Drag Coupe is the ideal car to make its debut in the racing world. Easy to drive, tremendously fast and looks exceptionally good. The original Lindner Nocker has a huge price tag but we have found the ideal solution:

The car is an absolutely exact 'toolroom copy' of the original and well-known Lindner/Nöcker E-type Low Drag. It was built by the specialist in the field, RS-panels, at the same time as the original Lindner Nocker was restored by them and was therefore built exactly like the original. Full aluminum bodywork, a 340 HP engine consisting of an equally correct 3800cc steel engine block with a wide-angle cylinder head, dry-sump lubrication, etc ... even the incredibly rare wide (and FIA-homologated) rear axle is fitted! Moreover, this is to our knowledge one of only two (!) E-type Low Drag that has the original and correct Lucas injection, a performant, reliable and untraceable system. This car is therefore correct in all respects, including its Fia homologated weight of just under 1000kg. Such perfect cars are actually used for what they are built for and are therefore not only beautiful but also good, unlike the originals that often have only a show function. To give you an idea of the effort the owner has made in building this car: look at the license plate of the original and then at the license plate of our car, even that was given some attention (and budget)! We even have pictures illustrating that there is no difference in the bodywork of the original Lindner/Nöcker and our identical example.

Chassis number 880400 also known as "9999WK" was made completely race ready by Blakeney Motorsport. The previous owner spared no expense to keep this car in its exceptionally good condition and this is still evident today. The car has been serviced and prepared for racing by the famous Bert Skidmore's Interpid Racing team in Nevada. The engine was recently completely rebuilt and further optimized by Sigma racing and has only driven 2 hours since then. The Low Drag raced regularly in the Classic Sports Racing Group under the name of its American owner but is also well known for the Spa Six Hours and numerous other races. This car is a well-known and widely respected face in the scene, an absolute winner and eye-catcher for any event.

This beautiful Jaguar E-type Low Drag is eligible for various worldwide (race -) events where it steals the show with great pleasure, cannot be otherwise when you look at the design and specifications of the car.
In short, for a fraction of the price of the original this is an exceptionally competitive and appealing classic race or historic rally car.
Also, on the road this exceptional automobile stands its ground, reliability and sensations guaranteed!

Do you want to get the real 1960s racing feeling just like Lindner & Nöcker? Want to outrun every car? And best of all, do this in a car identical to the original but for only a fraction of the price?
Then what are you waiting for? Come discover this unique example now at Rock 'n Roll Classics and we will prepare you with great pleasure for your first track day with this Silver Bullet, success guaranteed!
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