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1973 BMW 3 CSL

£ 127995

Carrosserie Coupe
Brandstof Petrol
Motorinhoud 3003 cc
Transmissie Manual
Kleur Green metallic
Kleur interieur Black
Bekleding Cloth
Stuur Rhd
Developed from the E9 CS / CSi range, original introduced in 1968 the 3.0 CSL was introduced in May 1972 as a homologation special built, with a slightly larger 3003cc engine capactiy, enabling the car to be eligible for racing in the European Touring Championship, over 3 litre class. In its CSL trim, the "L" designation in this instance meaning 'leicht' (light), the car was some 200kg lighter than standard production CS / CSi models, with this being acheieved by the use of aluminium doors, bonnet and boot lid with european, LHD, examples also sporting thinner prespex windows and being devoid of soundproofing. During its 3 year production a total of 1265 cars were built and such was its competition success that the CSL dominated the Group 2 European Turning Car Championships winning the 1973 and 1975-79 Championships, with one of the most famous pics in motorsport showing a Hans Stuck airborne in a late production be-winged 'Batmobile' at the Nürburgring 1000km.

With the majority of cars being sold in Europe, BMW also took the decision to introduce the CSL to the UK market, but such was its high price that the UK market demanded a few extra creature comforts and cars came fitted with soundproofing, standard glass windows, power steering, electric windows and standard front / rear bumpers with just 500 examples being given the RHD 'City Pack' designation.

Finished in her original Tiaga Green metallic, this wonderfully presented 3.0 CSL is one of those aforementioned genuine UK RHD 'City Pack' examples, with an accompanying letter, dated 2010, from BMW UK confirming the car was built in Dec 1972 and registered in May 1973. Her chassis number 2285xxxx confirms this further and as such she comes with the benefit of electric windows front / rear, sound-deadening and she would originally have had front / rear bumpers fitted ….. note, a previous keeper opted for the more aggressive look with accompanying deeper CSL / ‘Batmobile’ front spoiler..... which we love! and as with other CSLs the car features aluminium bonnet, door skins, roof panel and boot lid.

Records for the car show that she has had just 5 keepers and that in 2009/10 the car changed hands for the 4th time at which point a lengthy restoration took place. We hold invoices for parts, works from 2009-2016, with these totalling ~£24k in parts alone and that during this time, circa 2011/12, the car spent time at Paul Baker Custom Metalwork Ltd, whom many highly regard for their restoration work, especially that in relation to E9 Coupes. PBCM are happy to confirm the works they undertook and hold a large portfolio of images of the car during the bodywork preparation / paint phase of the resto. Painted in her original Tiaga Green, the code 72 paint code, stamped on the Karmann Body tag found on the inside of the NS door shut / ‘A’ pillar base. The entire body has been painted, including underbody, with the addition of body coloured ’stone chip’ and then a coating of clear waxoyl underneath. All other underbody components have been stripped, checked / rebuilt as necessary and then painted / powder-coated, new fittings, bushes etc.

Mechanically the car has been fully checked over and done little mileage since, she shows ~52750 miles (unwarranted), but with circa 1000 miles driven since her rebuild. She comes with upgraded brakes, discs front / rear are vented / cross-drilled, the exhaust system is stainless throughout and on opening the bonnet you’ll notice not only the stainless strut brace (supplied by Wallothnesch, the ‘go to’ supplier of E9 parts in Germany) but also the Alpina inlet manifold, with Jenvey throttle bodies beneath (we have a box of original parts too). The change to Jenvey / M3DK ECU offers far greater reliability, better availability in serviceable items and can be ’mapped’ further should the engine be ‘breathed’ on in the future…….we can honestly say that driving her simply fantastic, she pulls strongly in every gear, but naturally respectful of this beautiful classic we’ve not pushed her too hard.

The car is fitted with a matched set of Yokohama tyres on the refurbished CSL alloys, ‘Alpina’ in style and you’ll notice also from the pictures that she also sports an Alpina steering wheel. The rest of the interior appears largely original and in beautiful condition, the correct loop pile carpet, the dash appears all original as do the front / rear door cards. The roof lining replaced during the restoration features the correct perforated black vinyl, the rear ‘bucket’ seats look completely original and the Scheel front buckets, so iconic to the CSL look simply brilliant. We understand that the norm is for the Scheel seats to be fixed back, but some cars do come with a recliner adjustment, as found on this car……. once ensconced you don’t move!

A true motoring icon the CSL is possibly our ultimate 'pin-up' car from the 1970s and finished in her Tiaga Green metallic this 1972/3 example looks truly resplendent and it's true to say that every time we step out of the drivers seat and close the door we can help but glance back......this must be love!
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